HANYANG ENG pursues continuous innovation and technology development with creativity, challenge, and customer-oriented mind that is one step ahead of competitors.
Gas Industry
HANYANG ENG has been accumulating differentiated technologies and know-how by constructing gas manufacturing equipment facilities production plants for over the last 20 years.
Especially, in the fields of cryogenic gas equipment and ASU (Air Separation Unit) construction, which produces gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc.
from the air in the atmosphere, we have been carrying out projects for global gas production customers, including Linde Korea, Air Products Korea, and Air Liquide Korea, for a long time.
We provide the best value to our customers based on differentiated technologies and accumulated know-how.
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  • Gas Industry

    Construction Performance Recognized
    by the world-class gas company
    Pyeongtaek PKC UGP, EN3000, PL9HN
    Mechanical/Piping Construction
  • HANYANG ENG, recognized for the capability to perform constructions by Linde Korea,
    the world’s largest industrial gas company, took the construction for the gas facility for
    Samsung Electronics’ Pyeongtaek Godeok Semiconductor Plant, which is the largest in Korea,
    successfully completed it in March 2020, and are participating in P2 and P3 constructions as well.
  • Gas Industry

    Advanced Technologies, Passion,
    and Continuous Performance Creation
    Giheung APK ASU Plant Mechanical/Piping Construction
  • HANYANG ENG, recognized for capability by successfully performing the largest-scale
    Giheung ASU Plant construction in Korea, is making continuous achievements, such as
    taking additional constructions for Pyeongtaek Ph.3 and Ph.4 projects of mechanical piping
    construction after Pyeongtaek APK Ph.1 construction.
General Industry
- Industrial Plant
HANYANG ENG has been successfully performing EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) projects for various industrial plants,
including electronic materials, parts, and equipments for semiconductors/displays.
With abundant and diverse project management abilities in engineering, procuring, construction and trial run,
we are preparing to expand into hydrogen and green energy fields, which are the growth engine for the future.
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  • General Industry - Industrial Plant

    Differentiated Project Execution with
    Accumulated Experience & Advanced Technologies
    ANew Construction of HISEM (currently APACT) Eumseong Plant
  • At HANYANG ENG, which has successfully carried out large-scale EPC project,
    we have been establishing our status as a leading company in the domestic
    and overseas EPC industry by being recognized for our construction performance capabilities.
    We are expanding our business execution capabilities into overseas markets
    with advanced technologies and also by securing new technologies.
  • General Industry - Industrial Plant

    Partnership of Trust that Meets Customer Expectations
    Incheon TOK Phase 1, 2, & 3 Projects
  • HANYANG ENG is being recognized as a reliable partner by providing customers
    with technologies and know-how for the EPC projects accumulated in various fields.
    By further strengthening our core technologies and expertise, we will grow into a company
    that provides greater satisfaction and service to global customers with greater satisfaction and service.