HANYANG ENG provides pipe utility system and technical knowhow based on its matchless technological prowess in large-scale projects
Core Technology
HANYANG ENG has various elemental technologies that can be utilized in the mechanical equipment construction of domestic and overseas semiconductor/display companies.
We also provide comprehensive construction, such as UHP (Ultra High Purity) piping and mechanical equipment construction, cleanroom, HVAC, utility system, and equipment, along with a unique modularization method. From high-tech engineering to construction, HANYANG ENG will open the door to the future through rich construction capabilities based on highly accumulated technologies and quality.
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Main Utility
& Process Piping
Utilities Hook-Up
  • Modularization Method -
    Innovative production platform technology
    that integrates construction and
    production technologies
  • The modularization method is a technology to minimize on-site work in which standardized module units are manufactured at the HANYANG ENG plant at the same time as the on-site foundation construction from the start of construction, transported, and installed to the site immediately upon completion of the foundation construction, and assembled and completed within a short period of time.
    It is a newly developed construction method that has many advantages such as shortening the construction period, high-quality construction, strengthening seismic performance, easiness of engineering for extension and expansion, minimization of on-site work, and securing safety.
  • Module Production
  • Module Assembly
  • Module Transport
    On-site Transport
  • Module Installation
    Site (Fab)