HANYANG ENG provides services for all processes related to the supply of chemicals, from design to production, installation, operation and maintenance, with its independent technology to realize customer satisfaction.
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  • Korea's first and the world's best technology
    - Localization of CCSS
  • Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS) is an equipment that integrates and manages
    the entire process of the supply, transport, blending, and disposal of high-precision chemicals.
    HANYANG ENG manufactures, installs, operates and manages the design, manufacture, inspection,
    and installation processes in compliance with HQMS (Hanyang Quality Management System),
    a stringent quality standard established by HANYANG ENG.

    Since the CCSS was first localized in 1990, the continuous development allowed the equipment
    to be selected as an international top-tier product in 2007. Until this moment, HANYANG ENG's CCSS equipment
    has found its way to share the journey of Korean and overseas clients engaged in the fields of semiconductors,
    displays, secondary batteries, and photovoltaic generation.
  • Total management service to
    maximize the customer satisfaction
    - TCMS
  • HANYANG ENG's Total Chemical Management System (TCMS) provides an integrated management service for all processes from warehousing, maangement, inspection, storage, and disposal of high-precision chemicals used in the production of semiconductors and displays.

    HANYANG ENG's ultmate aim is to increase the safety of chemical supply which will, in turn, enhance the productivity fo the customers based on its know-how on the development and operation of high-tech CCSS.
Characteristics of CCSS and TCMS
  • 01
    Complete automation and unmanned operation of all processes
  • 02
    A company leading in chemical handling and management technology
  • 03
    Continuous technology development and maintenance
  • Shanghai Yaheng Hanyang Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • We have established [Shanghai Yaheng Hanyang Semiconductor Co., Ltd.],
    a joint venture with Shanghai Datech Imp. & Exp. Enterprises Co., Ltd.,
    in 2019 to challenge the expansion into the Chinese and Asian markets.