Supports various training programs to enhance the skills of HANYANG ENG staff (arbitrary)
Position System
In this system, the staff is promoted to leadership position through evaluation.
  • Staff

  • Senior staff

  • Assistant manager

  • Manager

  • Vice general manager

  • General manager

Compensation System
HANYANG ENG implements an annual salary system where the annual salary is determined by the individual's abilities and performances.
Welfare Benefits
HANYANG ENG operates various welfare benefits and facilities to ensure the better lives of its executives and employees.
  • Selective welfare benefit system
    (Welfare points)
  • Comprehensive medical checkup for all staff
    (Comprehensive checkup at university hospital)
  • Operates cafeteria
    (Free provision of breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Operates company clubs
    (Soccer, baseball, band, volunteeer activities, etc.)
  • Operates reward programs
    (Excellent on-site worker, excellent staff, achievement award, long service award, Hanyangite award, etc.)
  • Supports qualification acquisition
    (Lesson fees, examination fees, etc.)
  • Operates resort facilities
    (Owns membership for Hanhwa, Daemyung, Lotte condominiums and resorts all over Korea)
  • Supports school fees for children
    (Supports high school and college tuition fees)
  • Birthday events
    (Presents birthday cake to each staff)
  • Supports personal events
    (Congratulations and condolences, supports funeral utensils, etc.)
  • Operates on-site dormitories
    (Provides lodging when working on-site for the project)
  • Unity event
    (Mountaineering, outing, workshop for each team, year-end party, year-end events, etc.)
  • Happy Day event
    (Chicken and beer day)
  • Vacation system
    (Summer vacation, winter vacation, 'refresh' vacation, long-service vacation)
  • Pregnancy / childbirth / maternity leave
    (Shortened working hours during pregnancy, leave before and after childbirth, childbirth leave for spouse, maternity leave, shortened working hours during child rearing periods)